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Associate Consultant, Training & Development

Summary of Relevant Skills

  • Developed and conducted sales and soft skills training for OCBC, UOB (MY), SingPost, NTUC, AIA, Savills, and DWG
  • Experienced coach who has conducted coaching and training sessions for both service and sales team
  • Developed end-to-end recruitment, SOP development, training and day-to-day operations for the Oubound Call Investor Relationships team at Walton International

Felicia is currently an Associate Consultant in Training and Development with Monochrome Learning Solutions Pte Ltd.

Felicia previously worked with Walton International Group where she progressed from being a Sales personnel, to Sales Manager, to the Vice President of Training and Communications in her final years.

One of her roles in the 11 years tenure with the company as the Vice President of Investor Relations was to set up the Investor Relations department, where she managed the recruitment, SOP development, training, and the day-to-day operations of the department. Under her leadership, the team performed Outbound Call Campaigns, Sales and Service Support, and Service Recovery. Her success with the department propelled her to being in charge of training the 150-strong sales team and the client communication initiatives for South East Asia investors.

Felicia is highly passionate about people development and making a difference in people’s lives. Having been a Sales person and a Leader herself, she infused her training with actual case studies and real-life stories, making her training highly experiential and relatable. She firmly believes in “teaching people how to fish”. Hence, she designs her training sessions to have impact on mind-set and understanding the “Why” behind each principle. This earns her strong testimonials from her learners who often shared that they were highly engaged throughout her sessions and she made the learnings very easy to apply in their work.

She is known for her ability to simplify intricate information for more effective learning and conduct engaging and effective training sessions where the participants can apply what they learn instantly. Her in-depth knowledge of the DISC profiling enables her to spot her participants strengths and weaknesses and coach them for better performance in their work.

Felicia is also an experienced speaker and host, she has spoken at Invest Fair, Securities Investor Association Singapore (SIAS) Events, and SMART Property. As a speaker for sales seminar, she has helped the company generate multi-million sales in a single event. She recently co-hosted the NTUC Future Leaders Summit, featuring keynote speakers from companies such as Amazon, LinkedIn, and DBS Bank. Some of her recent training work includes developing and conducting Sales and Leadership training sessions for several agencies in AIA, Savills, and DWG.

Felicia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Singapore. Felicia is certified in Advanced DISC, Teams and Values systems. She is also a certified Career Consultant and a certified Business Coach with Action Coach International. She has obtained her ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment) Certification.