Given my line of work in training, I’ve met many trainers and experienced training delivery in varying ways. Lee Wei is definitely one of the most engaging facilitators and professional program designers I’ve ever seen .

From understanding business needs to content development to delivery, I’ve witnessed how she handled every touch point with care, creativity and relevance linked to participants’ learning outcomes. There was once we revamped an outdoor, experiential program from 2-day to 1-day, Lee Wei briefed the trainers again on the learning objectives/outcomes and observed the entire run to make sure that participants’ adrenaline (positive energy) was not compromised. When there was a slight inconsistency to the program delivery, she did not hesitate to step in to rectify without affecting participants’ and business learning goals.

Lee Wei takes pride in all assignments. If you’ve worked with her, you’ll know that she is creative, responsible and she takes challenges in stride. She demonstrates and benchmarks how a good facilitator should be: able to stimulate discussions, foster participants’ curiosity and excitement, produce outcomes and encourage participants’ commitment on post-training action items. I’ve seen participants walked up and thanked her for giving them an opportunity to benefit from her program. If there are future opportunities for collaboration, I would not hesitate to employ her services. She is easy to work with and she delivers results. Most importantly, she creates magic in training sessions.


AVP, Group Customer Experience