Content Development

At Monochrome Learning Solutions, we believe in staying away from the cookie cutter approach and courses developed are 100% customised, not just contextualised, to meet the organisation and learner’s specific goal and purpose. The customisation is at both curriculum and courseware level, to ensure consistency and scaling up of skillset across different levels.

With a strong foundation in instructional design and years of training experience, our training curriculum is purposefully designed to reinforce learning and ensure takeaways are relevant and useful for the learners as they journey within the organization.

We have honed and adapted adult learning principles into the courseware where there is balance between sharing of new knowledge, skills and best practices, and sharing of collective experiences amongst our adult learners. Moreover, we firmly believe that learners learn best when they are excited about learning. This is why you can count on our learning design to always include a dash of creativity and fun in the form of highly interactive and immersive activities.

During delivery, as the learning content is designed and targeted specifically for its audience, the rate and extent of absorption is maximised, resulting in continuous return on investment for both learner and organization.

Content development can be in the form the following:

Courseware Development

Classroom/Virtuall sessions are at times, the preferred mode to ensure knowledge transfer, especially in the area of soft skills, where the act of facilitation by an experienced trainer allows more effective transfer of knowledge, skills and attitude.

Monochrome specialises in the customization and development of courseware for organisations, tapping on our pool of experienced developers and facilitators to rollout the training after development.

Courseware Development + Train-The-Trainer

Staying through to our commitment to delivering and customizing what clients needs, in some instances, organisations may see a need to achieve multiple objectives, for e.g. to deliver the training content and message, to upskill internal line trainers and to encourage programme ownership.

There are times where it is far more effective and convincing for line trainers to deliver the training and transfer the knowledge and skills to fellow colleagues within same organisation.

At Monochrome, we recognise the importance of the skillset and knowledge that these line trainers need to possess. First, they need to be the subject matter experts on the topic they are training on. Second, they need to know how to “teach" and “facilitate" the class in order to maximise the knowledge and skills transfer.

As such, during development and train-the-trainer session, the developers and master trainers focus is on these two aspects, so as to scaffold and set the line trainers for success.

With DACE-certified developers and ACTA-certified trainers, Monochrome is competent in the development of both WSQ SSG and private non-funded programmes.

On-job-training (OJT)

On-job-training development identifies key areas of competencies required for an individual to perform well at their required job roles/functions. A well-developed OJT programme provides clearly articulated instructions that allow experienced staff to effectively transfer experience and operational or technical skills to new joiners.

On top of defining a consistent way of delivering OJT on the ground, a key focus area is on developing a fair and comprehensive assessment process to assess the competency of the new staff member. All nominated coaches and assessors are then encouraged to go through Monochrome’s Train-The-Coach and Train-The-Assessor programme, to prepare them for their role as nominated OJT Coaches and Assessors.


Increase effectiveness by harnessing the power of technology to shift towards a blended approach for training delivery. Often times, time consuming annual refresher courses with heavy knowledge content takes up precious face time. Bite-sized, modular e-learning courses can be developed for annual refresher courses with quizzes to refresh and ensure retention with learners.

With the advantage of Monochrome’s instructional design background, an e-learning piece can surely be more palatable to its audience than a simple page-turner. A one-time effort for conversion can result in both time and cost-savings for the organisation.